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Biblical, Authentic, Contextual & Life-Changing

We are excited to introduce the four cornerstones of the Master of Divinity program. These four features provide a foundation connecting the best of the Reformed tradition with the training essential for tomorrow’s leaders.

Where real world & real ministry meet

Make the M.Div. Connection

At Calvin Theological Seminary we are deeply invested in the personal and spiritual formation of every student. Rooted in Reformed theology, our Master of Divinity program is designed for the developing pastor and nurtures the individual growth and development essential to this important calling.

We like to think of the M.Div. program as the thread that brings together all the pieces of a biblical, authentic, contextual and life-changing ministry. Our new M.Div. curriculum integrates these dimensions through innovative learning and teaching methods and can be customized to ensure a formative and meaningful experience.

Calvin Theological Seminary students emerge as leaders, well equipped to go into all the world as stewards of the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Our graduates positively impact people of all walks and all ages as they form communities of disciples, leading in ways that build up the church and advance the mission of God. We hope that you will join us on this valuable journey.

Course Samples

Pastoral Identity Retreat

This course features an introduction to family-systems theory and pastoral identity culminating in an off-campus retreat designed to deepen community among students and faculty and to provide opportunities for contemplative prayer and vocational discernment.

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